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History of changes

3.1 (06-08-2012)

voice chat support

3.0 (24-06-2012)

users list display change
file transfer corrected
buffering files on server-side
webchat support
more stability
display all contact media on private chat tab

2.4 (16-10-2011)

changed configuration window
corrected getting system information
loading history directly to the chat context (tab)
changed the history window
users list panel change
corrected saving data to history
grouping users on message box window
quick access button near user name

2.3 (19-09-2011)

corrected file transfer
corrected moving user between groups
modified popup window - message box


2.0 (08-08-2007)

completely redesigned application interface
removed monitoring tools from communicator clients
new internal web site for monitoring employees
removed max characters count limit from private message and message box
faster file transfer
new remote system information tool 
corrected history saving on server side
logging sent SMS messages
extended user details
group tabs closing

new private message box window (font selection, increased number of characters,forward)
new server administration tool
enhanced server nick filtering - NICK+MAC+IP
increased channel messages length
corrected bug when user is offline and try to click on (non refreshed) users list AccessViolation has occured
new smaller installation packet - installer has been changed
changed remote execute dialog
logging public and private messages on server side - registered version WC Server only
alternate users list sorting
HyperThreading Intel processors bug corrected

one checkbox (Options->Sounds) disable all sounds
corrected users list width, removed grayed items to get more space for user name
faster users list loading
hide "connecting" and "lost connection" log on main window
new Windows Communicator address : http://www.communicator.pl
autoconnect to foreign Windows Communicator servers on program startup
logging messages on foreign Windows Communicator servers has been added
logging remote operations (remote execute,shutdown,list running application, drive exploring, keoboard monitoring) on Windows Communicator Server - registered version WC Server only
blocking remote operations (remote execute,shutdown,list running application, drive exploring, keoboard monitoring) on Windows Communicator Server - registered version WC Server only
corrected SMS plugin and SMS Server to accept international characters
message box sent to offline user was truncated to 256 characters - corrected
new plugin - message board
users groups

emoticons has been removed because of language problems, very much memory usage and unstable work depended on installed IExplore
voice transfer removed because of unstable work
new windows style, the standard menu and customizable buttons
socket port change available
low memory usage
most reliability, stable work
Win9x autostatus change added
Win9x keyboard monitor enabled
print chat content
print message box content
new languages

connections to foreign WC servers build in features menu
registering public WC server removed from software, now available as stand alone application
Server Manager - dedicated software , editor for WC Server
plugin Scheduler - new features
print tab content
error while sending to multiple users corrected
new display style
emoticons (send \HTML Schema\emoticons to notepad)
removed floating priv chats and users list functionality
custom popup window/bring to front behavior for every private chat